Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to remain positive in a negative situation.

Many times we are put into situations where we become out of our comfort zone. We reach a point where our inner emotional feelings start to disconnect and we become unfamiliar with them. We become overwhelmed with anxiety. And we do not know what to do and we begin to panic.
Well first of all I would like to say that this is caused from our very own way of thinking when we are in any situation. Whatever we are thinking about in that certain situation is causing our bodies to react and become overwhelmed with so many thoughts, that we just begin to panic and don’t know what to do withour selves. We take our mind away from our body and we detached ourselves away from our own selves. But we can control our anxiety if we take to time to realize this feeling of uncertainty. Whether it be through strong breathing or meditation. But the key to these negatives feelings is when they happen, do not think to yourselves that something is wrong with you because you have them. But recognize that they are they, acknowledge that you have them and the minute you acknowledge they are there you can begin working to think positively to change them.
For example, If you become anxious in a large crowd of people. Stop take time to realize what you are thinking about, whether its how you appear to people around you. Stop and realize that you are telling yourself in your own mind thoughts to make you feel uncomfortable and no matter what the outside situation, once you realize this, begin to talk to yourself positively to make yourself feel better.


  1. Well said! its true your own self talk is the most important thing affecting your view of your self.

  2. Thank you mike for taking the time out to read this post. You are absolutely right, practicing self talk everyday helps a lot with how you can begin to change your life.